Folk Tales

Tualvungi and Zawlpala


Once upon a time, there lived a man called Zawlpala who had beautiful wife named Tualvungi. These two loved each other very dearly. since Tualvungi was very beautiful, people from different places used to come to their village just to see the beauty of Tualvungi. Knowing of her beauty one day, a king called Phuntiha also came to their village and met the loving couple. As Tualvungi was very beautiful, Phuntiha fell in love with her. Zawlpala was very proud of his wife and told Phuntiha that she was his sister. The king then asked Zawlpala for the hand of Tualvungi [...]

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Tlingi and Ngama


Long long ago Tlingi and Ngama were lovers and they often met as lovers do in some secret places known only by them. One day they agreed to meet near a hillock which both knew. In those days their village was at war with another village and therefore no one would reveal his presence by making a noise when he or she was in the forest. As Tlingi reach the tryst she sat at a place where she could not been seen easily by anyone who passed by. Ngama came to the other side of the hillock and he too sat [...]

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Many many years ago on a certain day, a little girl called Thailungi was lying down under the loom which her mother was weaving and her mother did not know that she was there. By and by, a man from the Eastern hills came along and offered to sell the woman an iron ball. Said the mother, 'I have nothing else to buy it with, but if you like I will give my little daughter Thailungi as the price of the iron ball." 'Very well,' said the seller, 'But how am I to get her and take her away with me?' [...]

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Two sisters go in search of cucumber


Long long ago, two sisters together were searching for larger cucumbers in a field. The younger sister picked up a good number of cucumbers but the other sister seemed unsuccessful even after a long search. So, the elder asked the younger to give her some, but the younger said she wished to take them home so that they could eat them with their own parents. This greatly upset the elder sister who thereupon called on a clay in the soil to swallow her up. Swallow me up, O strong clay mount, My little sister no cucumber can give, swallow me up, [...]

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Sazaltepa & Bakvawmtepu


Once upon a time all the animals assembled together in a conference to decide and make a highway through the forest and Sazaltepa, who was very covetous, was one among those who attended. They resolved that the highway was to be kepts spotlessly clean and that however was caught dirtying it would be killed and eaten. After, the road had been completed and cleaned, Sazaltepa went along for a walk and espied a fat civet cat approaching from the opposite direction. Sazaltepa determined to make a meal of him but as he could not kill him without proper cause, some pretext [...]

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The Bear, the Tiger and the Monkey


On a sunny day, a bear came across a pool of clear water. He was so pleased with it that he determined to presere it for himself and he set a monkey in charge of it to warn everyone else away. The bear then went off to the jungle nearby in search of food and to sharpen his teeth. While he was away, a deer came along and said to the monkey, 'Please, may I drink of this pool of water?' The monkey replied, 'It is Daddy Bear's pool. If you are daring enough to drink what belongs to him you [...]

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Once upon a time, there was a beautiful woman. Her name was Rimenhawii and she had a handsome husband called Zawlthlia. Zawlthlia was very proud of his wife, and Rimenhawii was equally conscious of her beauty. Her charm and beauty was further enhanced by her beautiful hair which was the envy of all the girls, and many people would come from distant villages to have a look at it. One day, as she was having a bath in a river, one strand of her hair came out and was carried down the river. After a while, the hair was swallowed by [...]

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Once upon a time, Rahtea's stepmother was very cruel to him. She forced him to do the toughest chores in the house and gave him the smallest amount of food possible. He was also dressed in rags. In addition to this the woman gave him no time for leisure. In spite of that she planned to kill him. One day she was crying as if she had a great pain in her stomach. Her husband offered fowls and pigs to the angry spirits to appease them, but she continued howling with pain of her own imagination. She said : 'Animal sacrifice [...]

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In olden days there was once a comely young orphan girl named Ngaiteii who lived in a village with her grandmother. They used to dig for yams in their jhum which did not have much water and which was now said to be haunted by the ghost of Ngaiteii's father. They were both digging for yams one day when Ngaiteii said she felt very thirsty. Her granny fetched her some water to drink from the pool. However, she complained of feeling thirsty again a little while afterwards. Her granny told her to go and drink from the pool herself this time, [...]

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Monkey and swing


Once upon a time there lived a monkey whose great delight was to swing merrily in the air, a the cost of his meals. One day while he was swinging away with his little eyes blinking, looking here and there, the whites showing clearly when in ecstasy he would be swinging high and then low, a big cumbersome bear appeared near the swing. So, seeing the joy which the monkey was experiencing, he asked the monkey, 'Monkey, will you please let me sit on your swing that I may enjoy myself for a little,' but the monkey, when he climbed to [...]

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